Tuesday, April 13, 2010


...baby Addison's belly button was like a raisin.
...baby Addison flew away like a butterfly.
...I wish baby Addison could sit in the backseat with me.
...that is daddy and you and baby Addison (looking at her urn).

Yes, Calvin. Her belly button was like a raisin. Maybe she did fly away like a butterfly. I wish she could sit back there with you, too, sweetie. Yes, that is daddy and me and baby Addison. But I'm glad I have you.

I just miss her. And he would have been the best big brother ever.


  1. Hugs.

    My DH would have been the best Dad ever. I watch him with the neighbours kids and it just breaks my heart.

  2. My four year old niece talks about Andrew all of the time in such an innocent way. I sometimes wonder how she and my 7 year old nephew process this loss. I know they feel it deeply...it usually comes out when they are tired or upset about something completely unrelated. My heart breaks for them and your sweet Calvin...they are far too young to know loss like this.

    I'm thinking of you today. I know you said your friend might be induced today. Lifting both her and you up tonight.

    With love,