Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Results Are In

I got a call from the perinatologist's office today. All the lab results came back negative. So it appears that Addison probably did just have a cord accident. I'm not surprised, so I have no outstanding emotion one way or the other about this conclusion.


  1. I had hoped that finding out something would bring you a sense of peace. I wish I had something wise or wonderful to say other than I'm sorry. It's not fair that a perfectly healthy baby should die because of something with her cord. Sending you hugs

  2. Thanks, Margaret. I feel like it could be worse. It could have been found that Chris and I have some clotting disorder that we genetically passed to her. Something that would likely come up in future pregnancies with no way to prevent. So in some small way, this is a relief. Her death was likely random, and I'm learning to deal with this sometimes shitty randomness of life.

  3. Matilda's condition was genetic and has an occurrence rate of 1 in 14,000. 15% of cases are familial. When we got the phone call saying Matilda's case was most likely sporadic, it made me really sad. It was the result we were hoping for but it just made me so sad that Matilda just had this totally random, very rare mutation.

    It also made me realise no matter 'good' news we got regarding Matilda and impact on future pregnancies nothing is going to change the fact she's gone and not coming back.

    Maddie x