Friday, December 18, 2009

A Christmas Poem

Baby’s First Christmas

Christmas is here and you should be too;
You’ve not been forgotten—there’s a stocking for you.

It hangs on the mantle with your name in red,
The same letters that in wood hung over your bed.

Just two months ago you were safe inside,
Now everything’s changed and all joy seems to hide.

To have a girl seemed so scary—I didn’t know how I’d deal;
But after losing you, I don’t know how I’ll heal.

My hopes and dreams for your future died with you,
But you’ll always be my daughter—that much is true.

I loved you so deeply even before you were born;
Our family’s tight-knitted fabric has now been torn.

Although I did get to meet you, you’ll never know me,
Never feel my embrace, never bounce on my knee.

Your brother will never get to teach you “cool moves;”
Your daddy will never get to hear your sweet coos.

I hope you knew you were loved and always will be;
Your life, although short, meant so much to me.

So we hung your stocking because you belong here with us;
Oh, sweet Addison, this should have been your first Christmas.

-Your Mommy

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